Trick of the Light

Novel, published by Sceptre, July 1996


‘A taut compelling story that quells any easy theories about abusive relationships.’
– Sylvia Brownrigg, The Times Literary Supplement

Mick, Rita and their small daughter abandon London’a East End for a broken-down cabin in a remote corner of Washington State. Rita soon adjusts and revels in the mountainous landscape, despite her fear of its wildlife – but what she cannot admit is her fear of Mick’s violent temper.

‘A moving, beautifully written tale, taut with narrative tension and memorable for its superb descriptions of landscape and a multitude of deft touches, that always seem just right. Above all, this is a genuinely romantic novel, a double love story of love tat is raw and raunchy as well as romantic.’
– The Times

The novel held me right to the end. I was constantly interested in Rita and her dilemma and held by the evocation of place.’
– Margaret Forster

‘A brave and necessary novel.’
Daily Telegraph

‘I loved it. To carry such threat, such danger and at the same time produce a narration which is such a joy to read is miraculous.’
– EA Markham