The Virago Book of Love Letters

Anthology of letters by women writers such as Simone De Beauvoir, Anne Stevenson, Anne Boleyn, and two by Edith Thompson, the subject of Jill Dawson’s novel, Fred & Edie.


‘Jill Dawson has snipped the pink ribbons on a bushel of vintage love letters and exposed their secret folds to the light.’
– Daily Express

Passion, longing, the desolation of unrequited love or the end of an affair are some of the consuming emotions in this ravishing compendium which reveals the enduring power of the love affair to produce

ardent and often unguarded personal writings. From Emily Dickinson to Anais Nin, Ann Boleyn to the Empress Josephine, all wrote marvellous, highly charged love letters. With the promise of intimate glimpses into the writers’ hearts, this anthology delivers Virginia Woolf at her wittiest, Colette in her ardent and dreamy mood, Simone de Beauvoir at her most private and provocative.

‘As we head down the super-highway of e-mail and fax, we shall all need instruction in this old-fashioned art.’
– Aisling Foster, Times Literary Supplement