School Tales

Anthology of short stories by young women writers. Published by The Women’s Press teenage imprint Livewire. Includes stories by Malorie Blackman and Joanna Briscoe.


Jenny wants to get her own back on the teachers after Parents’ Day, but maybe she’s gone too far? Beth wants to run in the 800 metres, but should she risk the boys making fun of her?…and Vonetta longs to be just like Stephanie Brewster, but it’s growing into an obsession!!!

These 14 raw and exciting school stories demonstrate the strengths and good humour of a new generation of young writers aged between 15 and 25 years, several of them still at Secondary School themselves. They write of rebellion, romance, bullying, friendships, and about trying to fit in… exploding the realities of how school really is, and how it might be if they had a say in it at all…

Published by Livewire