Royal Literary Fund

Jill Dawson has had a long standing association with the Royal Literary Fund and thanks them for support in many of her novels.  She has been the Chair of the Royal Literary Fund’s Advisory Fellowship team for the last ten years, leading the induction day for new Fellows. She was a RLF Fellow at University of East Anglia, Norwich, between 2003-5. In July 2016 she will give the Royal Literary Fund talk at Ways with Words Festival in Dartington.

Death and Texas
Jill Dawson travels to Fort Worth, Texas, and finds the source of Patricia Highsmith’s pain.
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WritersAloudPodcastSmlWriters Aloud is an audio series featuring and presented by RLF writers.
Jill Dawson tells Frances Byrnes about writing’s ‘pleasure not punishment’, the importance of physicality and the inspiring richness of the Fens.
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