How Do I Look?

Non-fiction book on self-image, eating disorders. Published by Virago teenage imprint, Upstarts in 1990. Includes introduction where the author describes her own recovery from an eating disorder.


‘I don’t think it’s dead vain to care about how you look. It’s about trying to be an individual, to be noticed, to say: look at me!’
– Janet

Here young women talk about how they feel about their changing bodies, dressing to make a statement, challenging stereotypes. They speak of longing to be beautiful, of restrictions, and of all-pervasive media images. At a time in life when self-image is intricately woven with feelings about sexuality and identity, here’s what young women honestly feel when they look in the mirror, and ask the fascinating, vexing question: how do I look?

‘Some days I’m happy, others I’m not…is it to do with my lipstick or my attitude? The sad part is I’ve come to hate my body so much, I blame it for everything…’
– Helen