2011 Lucky Bunny – optioned by the BBC

Rights available in the following novels and scripts:

The Great Lover – about the poet Rupert Brooke.
A love story, set in Grantchester, Cambridge and Tahiti at the beginning of the first world war.

Wild Boy,  First draft script.
Set in post-revolutionary France at the end of the 18th century.
The true story of a feral child, rescued from the woods of Aveyron, and the three people who loved him.

Watch Me Disappear
Set in the Cambridgesire Fens in the year 2002
A woman in her forties, remembering a child who went missing when she was ten, believes she’s finally figured out who did it. And the answer is horribly close to home.

Fred and Edie
The true story, set in 1920s Ilford, of a woman hanged for the murder of her husband.

Stunner, an original screenplay, based on the love triange between William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Jane Burden.

Set in Hackney, East London.
A young mother survives a fire with her son, and starts a new life, and a new love affair, with surprising results.

Trick of the Light
Set in 90s London and West coast of America.
A dramatic love story  – Little House on the Prairie meets The Shining.

All film rights in books and original screenplays are represented by Charles Walker at United Agents (film). Email here .